Faith Driven Marketplace: was featured on CBN News on September 8, 2014 with a live interview. is soft-launching a socially responsible community designed to empower 2.4 billion (Faith Driven) retailers & consumers worldwide in an annual US$10 billion+ Christian retail industry.

We provide global buyers with unique Christian & faith-based content, gifts, products, ads & services in a secure, curated, market-driven, marketplace.

ChristianMomentum is legally mandated to distribute 10% of all net-profits annually through our non-profit partner who will execute outreach programs worldwide. Our cheerful giving ministry is strategically designed to target millions of individuals, families and blessed children annually to break the vicious cycle of poverty and go on to live a life of victory. Our buyers and sellers are directly contributing to blessing the self-determined to step into their God-given destiny as champions and overcomers in life. <3

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