iChurch: Women’s Ministry

Welcome to our Women’s Ministry

iChurch endeavors to educate all Christian women to the character and role God has clearly defined for them through the scriptures and the responsibilities that come with that as both a single woman and/or a married woman.

iChurch women’s ministry is based on Proverbs 31:10-31.

The reason why many relationships today among Christian couples do not enjoy the type of relationship success that is possible in God is because women (& men) are not playing the roles they are designed to play. Playing outside of the role you were created to play will limit the favor, joy and blessings you can experience from God. God honors obedience and when it comes to a woman’s role in life and relationships God’s ways are not your ways and His thoughts about relationship are not your thoughts.

iChurch will encourage and educate women according to the scriptures to be all that they are called to be and therefore walk into the fullness of their destiny impacting this life, their children, their husbands, their families and their environments to the praise, glory and honor of God.

iChurch Women’s Ministry will encourage agape relationships among our ladies in our local and online iCongregations and will hold classes, ministry events and more to help our Christian women become all that they can become to the glory of God.

How can I be notified of Women’s Ministry and events?

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