Kyle Shanahan and 49ers Implode Like It’s 2016

Vern Glenn of KPIX 5 Sports said it best after the game on TV, “Stay tuned, we’ll be back with the lowlights.”

But the worst lowlight might not have anything to do with the game. It may very well have been Head Coach Kyle Shanahan’s postgame press conference.

The Broncos blew out the Niners thanks to 5 turnovers (4 in the first half) and in general the first team offense under Brian Hoyer struggled yet again with Hoyer responsible for an interception and an inexplicable fumble that will forever be known as ‘The Hoyer’ in a 33 – 14 shellacking.

Successful and unsuccessful teams take their cue from their head coach. The head coach sets the tone and expectation level for their organization. He is acutely aware of his public persona and how his leadership will be perceived whether on the field, in the locker room or at a post game press conference.

Shanahan’s demeanor and press conference after the game was disheartening. His body language was akin to a wet noodle. He seemed completely void of any passion. He appeared not to care that the 49ers played so horrendously. Many times he would look down instead of at the journalist asking the question. It was a reminder, in a different way, of Colin Kaepernick’s excruciatingly painful press conferences which he sulked and pouted through in an unprofessional manner time and time again. Shanahan is not displaying passionate, intense leadership and Kaepernick pouted – both hurt the team and aren’t part of a mature, championship mentality. It’s not inspiring anyone.

So this is the coach and ‘new leadership’ that is supposed to turn it all around?

Many will argue that it was ‘just a preseason game.’

While Christian News 360° Sports is inclined to agree to agree that it was a preseason game, we do not subscribe to the idea that ‘cutting players slack’ and ‘baby’ing them’ and downplaying grotesque mental mistakes coming off a 2 – 14 season is what is going to turn around the 49ers organization.

The 49ers are still not mentally prepared to play mature, championship football. They started the game defensively with a good stop and forced the Broncos to punt but at the 2:38 mark of the 1st quarter Jaquiski Tartt having no idea where the ball was, let the ball bounce of his leg softly being completely out of position with his back turned to the ball, and the Broncos took over and promptly scored with CJ Anderson scoring from the 1 yard line on 3rd and goal. That’s a 14 point turn-around. It was all downhill from there (see game video above).

#SMH #HereWeGoAgain #PenaltiesPenaltiesPenalties

The 49ers defense, particularly the front 7 with the addition of Solomon Thomas, look good and barring any major injuries, particularly to Navarro Bowman and Reuben Foster, the defense will improve significantly over last season. That being said the Niners and GM John Lynch need to be aggressive and go out and trade for one big-time DB that can lock down at least one side of the field in man to man defensive schemes. Their current DB’s are still a liability against a strong passing offense unless they improve considerably.

The 49ers desperately need to show a maturity that speaks to strength and not tolerating any mental mistakes going forward. Shanahan must be a tower of strength and have zero toleration concerning penalties and mental mistakes while communicating professionally with confidence (including body language) in all press conferences going forward letting everyone know the 49ers are going to be better and those who don’t pull their own weight will not be in a 49ers uniform for long.

You see that toughness, fire and zero toleration for mental mistakes and poor play in Belichick, Tomlin and the late Bill Walsh. No pity parties for anyone. You don’t produce, you don’t play, you get cut.

That being said if Shanahan and his team continue to be passive and have a ‘no big deal’ mentality to so many penalties and mental mistakes, the 49er faithful are in for an extremely long season. And after the last 3 seasons, particularly last year, that’s simply #unacceptable.

Source: Christian News 360° Sports