Scripture: Jeremiah 39:18 TLB (Healing: God WILL Preserve Your Life)

 As a reward for trusting me, I will preserve your life and keep you safe.

– Jeremiah 39:18 TLB

Nate Schwegman Testimony

Dodie Osteen Testimony

Please download a list of healing scriptures here.

Please share this with everyone who is in a extremely serious health battle or who has just received a negative report from the doctor or medical tests. God is on their side in every health battle they face according to Psalm 56:9 TLB and His Will is for complete redeeming of health and a long, blessed, Psalm 91:14-16 MSG life. He Wills to preserve our life and keep us perfectly safe from the spirit of (sudden) death. There is no disease, sickness or malady that cannot be defeated by the unfailing, prevailing, agape love of God.

John Osteen on Jehovah Rapha the Lord our Healer

Source: Bible/Old Testament